Joseph of Arimathea

Who owned the tomb where Jesus was buried?

Joseph of Arimathea was not one of the original 12 apostles, but he was a disciple of Jesus and was an important man in his own right.  Mark 15:43-46; Luke 23:50-55; John 19:38-42). He was a high counselor, a voting member of the Sanhedrin which officially wanted Jesus condemned to death. We may speculate that he had not consented to, or agreed with, the decision to push Pontius Pilate to impose the death penalty upon Jesus.

In spite of his relationship with Jesus, his loyalty to Him was largely kept secret (John 19:38). Jesus was obviously unpopular with the elders of the church, and to outwardly support Him did not bring favor in their eyes (John 19:38).

They are the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Garden (also known as Gordon’s) tomb. In 1842 A.D. a man by the name of Otto Thenius proposed that the place where the Lord was crucified, called Calvary (Golgotha) in Scripture, was the same as the place called the ‘place of the skull.’ In 1867 A.D., the discovery of a garden tomb (shown in the picture above) occurred near the place of the skull.

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